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We wish peace and health to those who have registered as members of Online Goback Church.

Over the past year, Goback Church has been working hard to establish an online church on the Internet.

It is now gradually taking shape.

I pray that God's grace and blessings will be abundant for those who work hard for this purpose.

Member registration, 1:1 counseling, etc. have already been completed in September 2023.

And now online Zoom worship services have begun in January 2024.

However, please understand that it is being delayed because the donation system is incomplete.

It is expected to be completed in April 2024.

We will organize and hold classes on Bible lectures, sacraments, and ministry training for new believers, office-bearers, 

and lay ministers whenever church members wish.

We sincerely hope that our Lord's help, protection, and predestination will overflow in our journey 

toward spreading the true gospel through the Online Goback Church.

Although it is a bit later than originally planned, we are thankful to God that progress is progressing rapidly in 2024 

thanks to your prayers and sincerity.

It has been somewhat delayed due to spiritual attacks and practical difficulties towards the Goback Church. 

Still, I have accepted this as a process of the Lord refining me, and those who are lacking and have obeyed it with gratitude, 

and now I feel that the way is being opened.

We would appreciate it if everyone would join us in prayer so that God's will for the Online Goback Church may be accomplished.

Thank you. Shalom!




Goback Church Senior Pastor

Stephen Yang



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