The root cause of reluctance to seek counseling <Last part>

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[Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Faith Column’]  

The root cause of reluctance to seek counseling <Last part>

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor, Goback Church

Today I wanted to share my thoughts with you about this.

It is nothing other than a story about the views and emotions of our people regarding counseling.

When I looked closely, I realized that people in our country generally have a negative reaction to receiving spiritual 

or mental counseling, such as mental counseling or religious counseling.

Why do we react like that? I have thought seriously about it several times over a long period of time.

However, I was able to find out the answer to the cause and reason without much difficulty.

It was pride that was the cause and reason.

I learned that because of pride, most people in our country do not like receiving counseling on mental and spiritual matters.

However, as we know, pride is a character of Satan. Pride is a character that God hates to the point that he even says 

he will fight against it, and I discovered that it is deeply entrenched in the souls of our country's people.

As a result, I discovered that the spirit of pride had entered the church and captured many church members and that 

it had developed into a situation where it was not easy to defeat it.

As a result, most Korean people dislike receiving counseling.  

Deep within the souls of Koreans who do not want to receive counseling, there is a pride that wants to elevate themselves.

There is a desire to exaggerate oneself to look better to others, and there is a reluctance to show one's true self. 

This is because they have an inferiority complex at the bottom of their hearts, fearing that they will be ignored 

if they show their true appearance to others. 

However, the fact is that underneath that sense of inferiority, there is a desire to become arrogant.

 That's why many Koreans are extremely reluctant to honestly tell others about their shortcomings and 

embarrassing parts.

If possible, I will hide it and if possible, I will falsely exaggerate myself and introduce a different version of myself 

that I wish I was, rather than the true version of myself.

But as we all know, that is just a lie.

That lie is the problem.

As a result of such causes, fraud is rampant in Korean society. 

Many people deceive, but many are deceived.

The reason for being deceived is often due to excessive greed for excessive profits.

Lies and pride seem to be covering our country, the Republic of Korea.

However, lies and pride are the characteristics of Satan. 

On the contrary, humility, mercy, and love are the characteristics of our Lord.

 Therefore, I want to see humility, mercy, and love in the people of my country, especially in the form of Christians, 

in their lives, in their conversations, and in their actions.

However, in reality, we see lies, pride, and a sense of inferiority in them.

As a member of the clergy, I felt a sense of responsibility and sacred burden, as if I had to do whatever I could.

Therefore, we have created a religious inquiry and counseling corner on the church website so that those who 

need counseling can conveniently visit and receive the benefits.

 Even though it may not be enough, I started with the desire to provide even a small amount of help with 

the love of the Lord. I think it would be a great reward if, thanks to my weak act of goodwill, 

even one person sees hope and rises up from the abyss of suffering and frustration.

I picture my small deeds like this moving the Lord's heart so that the Online Goback Church's Sunday service is overflowing with newly saved people, people come to the counseling center, and we are thrilled to see them again 

in good health after they have recovered.

I sincerely hope that the flapping of my little butterfly's wings will become a big typhoon in the future and 

bring about a history that leads countless souls from despair to hope and from death to life.



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