The root cause of reluctance to seek counseling <part 2>

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[Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Faith Column’] 

The root cause of reluctance to seek counseling <part 2>

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor, Goback Church

So, no matter who it is, if there is someone who gives me advice, I listen to it gratefully.

This is because I was curious about how I was perceived through that person's eyes, 

and I wanted to hear their evaluation of me.

And more than anything, I wanted to hear the voice of God the Holy Spirit. 

I was very curious about the Lord’s thoughts about me.

How does the Lord view me right now? What will the Lord say to me?

Does the Lord think I am doing well now? Or will he tell me I'm doing it wrong? My mind was completely confused.

After living with a thirsty heart for a while, I met people here and there who gave me advice and words of faith.

One of them, a young sister who was studying English at a language school with me gave me valuable advice, 

so I was very grateful.

Even now, I remember his advice and keep it in my heart.

Additionally, I received valuable advice from a Mexican pastor, and with his help, I met a Korean female evangelist.

She was a Christian who received the gift of prophecy and had many precious spiritual experiences in her life.

I received prayer from her, and through the prayers of the evangelist I met for the first time, I heard something 

like a summary of my entire life.

However, it could be said that it was not the voice of the evangelist's prayer, but amazing evidence that 

the Holy Spirit of God knew me and was watching and intervening in my life from the beginning until now.

And through the evangelist's prayer, I learned how the Holy Spirit sees me and what kind of heart he has.

I felt lighter, more hopeful, and stronger.

However, when our meeting ended and I returned home, I felt my courage failing again due to the darkness of reality.

Still, I was somewhat comforted by knowing that the Lord was looking at me kindly and that He valued me 

more than I thought possible.

After that, I continued to enjoy consulting, receiving advice, or hearing advice from other people.

Maybe that's why I've received valuable advice from other people since then, and I've come to know myself 

through their eyes.

I was able to hear the Lord's heart and thoughts about me through their mouths.

When I look back now, more than ten years later, I believe that my actions at that time were very beneficial to me 
and my family, and especially played a role in shortening the time of suffering.
Now, looking back, I know that the Lord wants to pour out abundantly whatever He thinks we need.
But now I know very well that we cannot enjoy those amazing blessings because we are not yet ready.

So, as a clergyman, there is one thing that makes me feel sad when I look at my neighbors, Korean immigrants, 
or the Korean people in Korea.

--- To be continued next time ---


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