“Planting the Church in Chicago” <Part 4>

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Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Column’]        

“Planting the Church in Chicago” <Part 4>

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor,  Goback Church


So, I searched for a church building for several years, but was unable to find one. 

However, in January 2019, with the Lord's permission, we were assigned a small chapel within the American church 

and held official worship services there.

Although there were only a few church members, I declared the beginning of official church ministry in this area, determined to lead at least one soul to heaven with all my abilities.

Thankfully, before the first official worship service, a local newspaper offered to advertise the church for free. 

I wrote a brief introduction about the church, so I sent it to them, and the advertisement ended up filling up 

almost one page.

But, I did not expect that people would come to our church after seeing the advertisement.

However, when I officially started my ministry, I wanted to publicly declare war on Satan's camp, 

and that newspaper advertisement did that for me.

That's how I started a church, and now I have immigrated to the western part of Michigan, 

changed the name of the church to Grand Rapids Confession Church, and started my ministry anew in 2022.

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" Goback Church is an interior missionary church serving in the western region of Michigan.

The Goback Church, which is fighting to save souls in crisis on the spiritual front lines, desperately needs your prayers and continued support.

Hallelujah! "

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