“Planting the Church in Chicago” <Part 3>

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Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Column’]        

“Planting the Church in Chicago” <Part 3>

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor,  Goback Church


I really didn't like the name of the church, Go Back Church, so I asked the Lord again.

“Lord, is this really the Church name?”

Then, I began to hear the Holy Spirit's explanation of the name of the church in my heart.

“Go Back” means repentance. 

He made us realize that the words “turn back” mean that we should stop chasing worldly wealth 

and glory and turn to Jesus through repentance.

Another interesting thing is that the pronunciation and sound of the word Goback in English and Korean 

have the same meaning. 

The Korean word ‘고백’ and the English word ‘Go back’ have the same sound and meaning. 

It was said that cases like this were very rare.

So I searched for a long time to see if there was a word for a similar situation, 

but even after several years, I still can't remember a single word.

I am moved by the fact that it is a name specially given to me by God the Holy Spirit.

So, my wife and I received this name with gratitude, and since our first service on April 13, 2014, 

Goback Church is a small but not small church and has been continuously holding weekly services.

With my ordination as a pastor in 2019, with God's help, I rented a small chapel from an American church 

belonging to the same denomination and officially held Sunday services. 

*Continued on the next page

" Goback Church is an inland missionary church working in the western part of Michigan. 

Goback Church, which is fighting on the spiritual front lines to save souls in crisis, 

desperately needs your prayers and continued support. Hallelujah!"

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