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[Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Faith Column’]

                “Large fire” <Last episode>

                  '''Intercessory prayer meeting held after a large fire..."

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor, Goback Church


So, while I was walking in the hallway, I ran into the deacon grabbed his arm, and said, 

“The Lord says he will repay you 60 times the 400,000 won you gave up.” 

The deacon seemed a bit surprised and embarrassed, but he accepted it with a loud “Amen,” 

perhaps out of earnestness.

At the next week's intercessory prayer meeting, the deacon was chosen by lot to give his testimony.

The deacon testified that a customer came last Monday and asked for an architectural drawing, 

so I printed it for him, and suddenly he placed an order totaling $24,000.

In the end, just as the Lord prophesied through me, he ended up reaping exactly 60 times the $400 

he gave up to attend the intercessory prayer meeting.

Just like them, I asked the intercessory prayer meeting there to pray for me and my family.

At that time, my family and I had to follow the Lord's orders and go to Chicago, our mission, but we did not know what was waiting for us or what would happen. We were very afraid, and we earnestly asked for prayers for our family's mission to immigrate to the United States. .

The prayer group members prayed with earnest hearts and tears.

Thanks to their intercessory prayer meeting, my family and I arrived in Chicago without any preparation and have survived for over fifteen years. Although we often face hardships and adversity, we live by looking only at the Lord and trying to fulfill the mission He gave us, and in the midst of all that, We are thankful to our Lord that there is joy, gratitude, and strength.

In addition, our children have completed their studies and are now going out into the world to work, keeping their faith, and living strong and well, so we can say that we have received a very great response. Hallelujah!

I want to advise all the readers of this article.

It would be nice if a solid road were to open before us when we receive the Lord's guidance, but in reality, this is often not the case.

Even when we move forward in obedience to the Lord's commands, there are times when the opposite phenomenon occurs.

On the contrary, something happened that could be considered a misfortune by worldly standards, and in the midst of it, the glory of the Lord appears even more greatly.

We go through life and ministry without even looking ahead. However, I learned something big from this incident.

That is, when an incident occurs while I am living according to the word of the Lord, we should not be excited or embarrassed, but should be able to hold on to the message of the Lord contained in it.

It is true that if you judge only what you see with your eyes, you may act in a way that misunderstands the will of the Lord and may even take a path that is opposite to the will of the Lord.

While experiencing God's amazing providence in an unfortunate event, on the contrary, I realized that the prosperity that seemed like a blessing was actually the work of Satan and the tears of the Lord.

People of God! Instead of being distracted by worldly things, how about becoming a believer who pleases the Lord's heart by looking at everything from the perspective and standards of eternal heaven and acting with discernment?


" Goback Church is an inland missionary church serving in the western region of Michigan.

The Goback Church, which is fighting to save souls in crisis on the spiritual front lines, 

desperately needs your prayers and continued support.

Hallelujah! " 

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