“Large Fire” <Part 7>

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Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Column’]      

“Large Fire” <Part 7>

"Answers to prayers pour in"

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor,  Goback Church


In another case, a deacon's son was 5 years old and said he had trouble sleeping at night and woke up often.

Instead of falling asleep in the evening and waking up until morning, the child woke up about 7 to 10 times in one night. There was concern that the child's health might be affected, and the mother was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion because she woke up every time. 

So, we prayed and the child said that he had been sleeping soundly since the very evening he prayed.

However, when about a week later we asked the deacon again about the child's sleeping condition, 

she looked somewhat apologetic toward the prayer team and said that the problem was that 

her son was now sleeping too long past 9 or 10 in the morning. 

The deacon had to send her child to kindergarten in the morning, but now a new difficulty arose.

She complained that because her child could not wake up until late in the morning, 

it was very difficult to wake her up every morning.

We prayed to the Lord again to correct the problem and allow him to sleep normally. 

Then, we heard a testimony that the child slept well from that night to morning, woke up on time, 

and started attending kindergarten. 

Also, a deacon runs a printing shop, and as he was getting ready to attend a prayer meeting after finishing his work, 

a customer came and asked for printing, asking him to start printing worth $400 right now 

and have it delivered tomorrow morning.

So, because the financial situation of the printing company was difficult at the time, 

he was grateful to receive printing orders and prepare the work, 

but he was worried that he kept missing the intercessory prayer meetings.

The reason is that, in our Intercessory Prayer Meeting, he was in a position where he had to play guitar, 

and it was because of the voice of the Holy Spirit that the importance of his ministry 

in the Intercessory Prayer Meeting was greater than the value of $400.

In the end, he asked the guest, can you come tomorrow? And because the customer was very busy, 

he left, saying that if he didn't start printing right away from tonight, 

he would have no choice but to give the order to another printing shop.

So, the deacon gave up his $400 income and came to the intercessory prayer meeting, 

hoping that the Lord would take pity on his financial situation and take care of him, 

and said that he attended to sing guitar accompaniment to praise.

After hearing this story, our intercessory prayer team united in prayer to the Lord with gratitude and earnestness.

And a few days later, on Sunday, I was walking down the church hallway after choir service, 

and the deacon was walking there.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit gave a voice to my heart, telling me to say this to that deacon.

That is, “You will receive 60 times the amount of money you gave up.” 

These were the words of God the Holy Spirit.


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" Goback Church is an inland missionary church serving in the western region of Michigan.

Goback Church, which is fighting to save souls in crisis on the spiritual front lines, 

desperately needs your prayers and continued support.

Hallelujah! "



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