“Large Fire” <Part 6>

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[Pastor Stephen Yang’s ‘Christian Column’]     

“Large Fire” <Part 6>

"In the flames"

Written by/Pastor Stephen Yang

Senior Pastor,  Goback Church


In a quiet but strong tone, I asked him not to make any attempt to stop me from going to the prayer meeting.

Perhaps because they realized that my will was too strong, they no longer called me.

Every day, after work, I went straight to the Intercessory Prayer Meeting.

Nevertheless, the cleanup of the fire scene proceeded better without any problems even without me.

In fact, nothing was helpful about the person at the center of the fire incident being at the scene.

Rather, it would only be a hindrance by creating arguments, quarrels, and disputes.

As time passed, I realized that the Lord knew all of this and guided us in detail.

My wife seemed busy helping me prepare and carry snacks for the believers attending the intercessory prayer meeting 

for the construction of the new temple, even though she had not had dinner.

In this way, our prayer meeting, despite being heavy, began without a hitch, defeating Satan's interference.

The first prayer meeting was held in the underground supervisor's office at the new church construction site.

I told all the church members who attended the prayer meeting today about what happened at the construction site 

where I was working.

I exposed Satan's sabotage there and predicted that this prayer meeting would be filled with God's miraculous works.

The attendees looked like they didn't quite believe my prophecy, but they listened with the hope that it would happen.

However, as I predicted, the prayer meeting began to bring about amazing miracles.

Amazing miracles began to occur in which almost everyone who raised a prayer request received an answer.

We originally decided to gather and pray every night for only 3 weeks, that is, 21 days.

So, we gathered every night at 7 o'clock and continued the prayer meeting by sharing words, prayers, praise, 

and testimonies.

However, the prayer meeting was so passionate and filled with the comfort of the Holy Spirit 

that it ended only at midnight every night.

The climax of the prayer meeting was an intercessory prayer in which one of us was drawn by a lot, 

and after hearing his prayer topic and explanation, we had him shout out a short prayer topic, 

and the crowd responded with a loud ‘Amen.’

However, God surprisingly responded to each prayer topic that was shouted out.

In the end, our intercessory prayer meeting continued even after completing the original three-week plan 

and continued to meet every Thursday evening for the next six months.

Meanwhile, my family immigrated to Chicago, USA, for the mission we received from the Lord.

I heard from Chicago that the prayer meeting continued after that.

The night before we left for the United States, we had a farewell prayer service filled with love 

from the Intercessory 

Prayer Team and received great comfort and encouragement.

I can't tell you how grateful and happy I was to be able to leave with the prayer team's earnest prayers 

and love sending me off even just before getting on the plane.

Our Lord gave many answers to the intercessory prayer meeting that was created, 

but I would like to introduce just a few that come to mind.

A female deacon said that her mother rented a building to open a restaurant, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars 

on remodeling, and splendidly completed all preparations.

So she wanted to open a restaurant. However,  the local government office did not grant permission, 

so she waited for a business permit from the government office for a long time while paying monthly rent.

However, after paying a large amount of money every month for over a year, it was a sad story that 

now the capital had run out and they had to leave it all behind and were on the verge of bankruptcy.

The restaurant that a lot of money had been spent on was not even able to open and will handed over to 

the building owner.

We prayed together with one heart and received an answer within just a few days.

The deacon who raised the prayer topic personally visited the prayer meeting and delivered the good news 

that the county office, which had not moved at all for over a year, immediately gave permission and business began.

Another deacon said that it was a pity that his old brother-in-law was a pastor and that he had been living alone 

in his room for over 5 years as he had not been appointed to the ministry.

He has been complaining that they can no longer watch him living like a mountain spirit or a Taoist monk, 

as he stays in his room without shaving his beard or hair.

We also prayed and heard that we received an answer right away.

The deacon's old brother-in-law informed me that he would be appointed as the senior pastor of a church 

in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, S Korea the week after the prayer meeting.

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" Confession Church is an inland missionary church working in the western region of Michigan. Confession Church, 

which is fighting to save souls in crisis on the spiritual front lines, desperately needs your prayers and continued support.

Hallelujah! "

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